Fall Retreat 2019 ... September 27, 28

8Our Fall Retreat will take place on September 27 & 29 at the Castalia Marsh Retreat.  This retreat will be highly interactive (hopefully).  I plan to facilitate most of it myself unless other, better options become evident and available.

A Little History


I moved home to Grand Manan in June 2015, for what I anticipated to be a summer on the island, filling in at Community Life Church. Toward the end of the summer, the CLC family, pastorless, asked us to stay. To our own surprise, we were compelled to do so. We had been smitten by one of the most beautiful little fellowships that we had ever encountered.  

This whole “leg” of our journey deserves a more detailed explanation but that will have to come in another place at another time.

I connected with Walter Wilson. We were both in similar places spiritually, seeing and sensing things that were new and life-giving to both of us but foreign to our faith upbringing. In our early conversations we spoke of the island setting for a retreat that would invite followers of Christ into a “gracious spaciousness“, a term that I first heard from Wendy Gritter.

Our heartbeat and passion is to invite others to discover and explore the larger spiritual landscape that our individual traditions often obscure. No denomination or theological system can fully explain or package the Kingdom of God.  This may seem frightening to some … it was to me but I realized that God was confined by my conditioned understandings, assumptions and presuppositions.


We have been privileged to have qualified and experienced facilitators in our first two years.  This year, after several attempts and occasional glimmers of hope we were unable to secure a speaker.  The decision came down to canceling or facilitating it ourselves.  Still unclear, we decided on the latter.  Consequently we are not charging a registration fee.  We will receive an offering to recover food and incidental costs.


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A few pictures from last year’s gathering …

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  • There is no registration fee this year. We are holding the gathering at the Castalia Marsh Retreat. A free will offering will be taken to recover food and incidental costs. You are responsible to secure your own accommodations. We are limiting our registration to the first 35.