Fall Retreat 2018 ... September 28, 29

Our Fall Retreat will take place on September 28 & 29 at the Castalia Marsh Retreat.  Our speaker is Russ Hewett, Brad Jersak’s #1 recommendation.  See Russ’s bio below.

A Little History

I moved home to Grand Manan in June 2015, for what I anticipated to be a summer on the island, filling in at Community Life Church. Toward the end of the summer, the CLC family, pastorless, asked us to stay. To our own surprise, we were compelled to do so. We had been smitten by one of the most beautiful little fellowships that we had ever encountered.  

This whole “leg” of our journey deserves a more detailed explanation but that will have to come in another place at another time.

I connected with Walter Wilson. We were both in similar places spiritually, seeing and sensing things that were new and life-giving to both of us but foreign to our faith upbringing. In our early conversations we spoke of the island setting for a retreat that would invite followers of Christ into a “gracious spaciousness“, a term that I first heard from Wendy Gritter.

This is our second, perhaps of many, or perhaps the last retreat.  Our heartbeat and passion is to invite others into the larger spiritual landscape that no denomination or theological system can fully explain or package.  This may seem frightening to some … it was to me but I realized that God was confined by my conditioned understandings, assumptions and presuppositions.

Brad Jersak (A More Christlike God) spoke last year to challenge each of us to stretch forward.  Paul the apostle described it as a “straining” toward what is ahead.  I requested that Brad provide a recommendation for a follow-up retreat.  His immediate response was Russ Hewett.  I have spoken with Russ on the phone and we have shared our own stories.  You’ll hear this story at our retreat this fall.  It will be one that will likely resonate with your own. Our retreat is for hungry people, tired of the same old same old and determined that there must be more.

I hope to see you on the last full weekend of September.

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Russ Hewett was raised in a traditional Evangelical environment in central Maine and was educated as a musician and recording engineer at Berklee College of Music. He then married Vandy Ellis and went to work with Pat Robertson in Virginia Beach during the heyday years of the Christian Broadcasting Network. After several years of advancement in television, an opportunity for both Russ and Vandy opened up in her family’s wood products business back in Maine. Vandy became the company’s treasurer and Russ oversaw the company’s expansion projects. During their 20 years in manufacturing, the Hewett’s were deeply involved in a growing nondenominational church in Bangor, Maine where Russ was a worship leader and served as pastor from 2009 through 2014. He then started a unique church called “MeetingPlace” – a Jesus-Centered church where discussion was a regular part of their weekly meetings and input from Orthodox, Catholic and Mainline traditions served to enrich the faith of all involved. Russ is the host of EastOfEden.tv, an internet TV program. Russ’s theological influences include Rene Girard, Brad Jersak, Derek Flood, Peter Enns, John Howard Yoder, Stanley Hauerwas, Martin Luther King Jr., James Alison, Brian Zahnd and others. Russ and Vandy reside in central Maine. They have 3 grown children and 2 grandsons.

Greetings from Russ …

A few pictures from last year’s gathering …

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  • The fee remains at $50 this year. We are holding the gathering at the Castalia Marsh Retreat. Retreat costs allow us to pay for our speaker,facility costs and food. You are responsible to secure your own accommodations. Russ will be staying over Sunday morning and speaking at Community Life Church. We are limiting our registration to the first 35. We accept eTransfer as a payment method.