The Greasy Pole

I watched the Greasy Pole from the deck of our home this year.  Canada Day is a wonderful annual event on Grand Manan.  There are many family activities, and this is one of my personal favourites.  Young and older, brave the greased spar on a wooden barrel that spins all too freely as the participants push away from the wharf.  A small Canadian flag is the coveted prize and a $20 bill if it is plucked from the pole before the plucker hits the water … and everyone does that.  There is no escaping an all-too-cool dip.

Some make one attempt and others repeatedly try to master the successful technique required to gain the prize.

My Mavic Pro allowed me to share some overhead footage with you this year.  Every effort was made to stay away from people below.  

The height of the shots was app. 40 meters.  

The aerial zoom was done in post production with Final Cut Pro X.

I love this beautiful community and the wonderful spirit displayed in the good and the bad times.Put the Greasy Pole on your bucket list of things to see … and perhaps participate in …