You can hold your sufferings up against the words of those who have not suffered equally, and discount them as uninformed, inexperienced prattle. But regardless of your pain, you can never discount the words of Christ similarly.

None of us have intentionally laid aside such advantage for such persecution. And He never discounts our words for the inequity of our suffering any more than the mother belittles a child for the scrapes and scratches of play.

Today He is more aware of your pain than He ever was His own. It was your pain, my pain that drove Him to suffering.

In every parent there is the willingness to suffer in our child’s stead but we cannot.

In Christ there was both the heart to remove the root of mankind’s pain and the ability to do something about it.

For us, our deliverance begins when we cease to hold our own suffering up as the great injustice and inequity … when we understand the depth of His Love and the lengths to which He went to express it to each of us.

– KI