I am without question, a creature of habit. Perhaps one of the most frustrating questions that I am asked is, “What’s New?”. It is a lazy, nearly rhetorical inquiry, that hardly deserves a sensible response. I want to say, “New England, New York, Newport News” . . . and then offer a “Goofy-laugh”.

I am not as skeptical as Solomon who declared that there is nothing new under the sun, but one day can bear striking resemblance the last and the next. Sameness is not really the issue though. The monotony of life that has no greater meaning than my desire to avoid boredom, is a sad thing.

The first weekday of a bored life is “Mundane”, followed by “Tuesdane, Wednesdane, Thursdane” . . . you get it. You don’t add spice to life by “busyness” but by adding “meaning”. Now I didn’t say discovering the meaning of life but adding meaning to life.

A mundane existence is a life that is centered around itself. There is no greater concern, no higher cause, no bigger picture. It is a life that never denies itself or inconveniences itself. It is a delusional existence that fears sameness because of the brevity it testifies to and the reminder that every moment is critical to its enduring legacy. A life given over to a God who sees the beginning and the end of every individual’s vaporous passage toward eternity, is a life of contentment and peace. The restless quest for something new is a spiritual cul-de-sac. Bored? There are too many needs for any mindful man or woman to be bored.