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Some thoughts on John 2:23-25 …

Most of us come to Christ because we have something that we want.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing … or a good thing.

It’s just a thing.

My desire to escape hell was my “thing”. I wasn’t compelled by the promise of heaven. It sounded like eternity in church with people that I wouldn’t otherwise associate.

My fear of hell introduced me to religion, not Christ.  The more I got to know religion, the less I liked it. After about a year and a half, I realized that I still needed Christ and he was about more than escaping hell.

When I surrendered my religion and my self-managed faith, I found Him. He was a beautiful stranger.  I didn’t know Him then but I knew I could trust Him.

That was a lot of years ago.

He is no longer a stranger but the Love of my imperfect, flawed life.

I have disappointed and failed Him more times than I can recount.

But I have changed.

I no longer want anything from Him. I just want Him. If I have Him everything else is cared for.

The scripture references those who come to Christ as a means for other wants. Jesus didn’t trust those people.  No wonder.  Relationship that places another person as a means to my ends is no relationship at all.  Be it Divine or mundane, it is no relationship.

If I come seeking a miracle, His Goodness may provide one but if I want Him, I must seek Him with all my heart.

I am certain that there were those in His day who experienced their miracles and never knew the Source.

If the choice had to be made, I’d rather miss the miracle and find Him.

Finding Him in itself is the great miracle.