. . . I’m older now but not Bob Seger

Okay . . . you are going to have to forgive me here. I know that we are all in different times and seasons of our lives but I am wired today.

It’s not coffee.

I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to get a message for tomorrow’s service. It is jammed already . . . so is my heart. How in the world I will get it out, I don’t know. My heart is full as I think about the faithfulness of God to lead us.

Most of my difficulty in that regard has not come from following His Lead but resisting it.

We are told in scripture to “resist” the Devil and he will flee from you. Just wrestle with temptation rather than “give in” without a struggle.

We are told that God “resists” the proud. Ever feel like Bob Seger? “I’m older now but still running against the wind.”  Maybe the “wind” is God’s resistance to my stubborn pride?

You’d think that we’d get it by now.

I am 45 years old and should get it by now.

I can fight the wind of God’s Spirit or I can harness it. I can “follow” God or I can lead Him. Even as a pastor, as a Christian, I have found myself trying to lead God.

There is a “wind” blowing in your life everyday. It represents the pleasure of God. His pleasure is not a windless sea but one that is charged, where sailors earn their mettle.

Maybe the problem is that you are resisting God. Where would He like to take you that you don’t want to go?

When I look down the road all I can see is God. I don’t care what is ahead of God . . . I only care that God is ahead of me.

That is really the picture when God is leading. All you need to see is God . . . and hang on, when the power of His Spirit is fully harnessed in a surrendered life! . . . okay . . . I am 54 . . .