“People who excel over the masses, do so only slightly.” This is called the principle of the slight edge. Small changes and adjustments in our lives can make an incredible difference. The difference in a field of world-class sprinters is measured by one hundredths of a second . . . or is it one thousandths of a second? So what is the difference between the winner and the loser . . . not much. One tiny thing that you do differently today can take you to unimaginable accomplishment or achievement. If you chose this year to become “intentional” about relational growth in your family, your workplace, your spiritual life, what great things might take place. So many people who call themselves Christians, have absolutely no “intentionality” about their profession. They stumble into church on Sunday mornings expecting someone to produce an experience in them that is virtually non-existent between Sundays. They are proficient at a good many things in life that they have been “intentional” about and relegate their faith to osmosis . . . hoping to “catch” something from a 90 minute experience on the Lord’s Day. By now, you may be feeling guilty, which is not the objective in this observation. The objective is to touch a match to dry places in your spiritual experience and produce a flame. Paul admonished Timothy to “fan into flame” the gift that was in him. What might happen if several of us became “intentional” about igniting a passion for God in the days to come? It starts with something small as a propellent to break the G-forces of spiritual mediocrity.