YOU are invited!!

I should never have opened the door this morning. There was this faint knocking and then, there they were …

Ronnie Regret, Alex Anxiety, Wendell Worry, Freddie Fear … all old companions. I’ve known them forever and they always show up unannounced and overstay their welcome. I should never be hospitable but I guess I am. They lounge around my living room and it feels like a funeral parlor. Ronnie can’t stand the sonlight so he pulls the blinds down. Alex always puts me on edge. Wendell and Freddie are first cousins. Together they make the party … my pity party.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve never hosted one but I’d be lying. Way too many times, this sorry lot orchestrates these surprise parties. I’ve never planned one in all the years. My “friends” do it all for me and I … well I just go along.

I want to invite you, Jesus, because you make great parties. Maybe you could talk to my friends … cheer them up or out.

You always made for good parties. That’s why you got invited to them. They were parties that the religious folk never got invited to. I think they were jealous of you. Ronnie, Alex, Wendell and Freddie are all very religious. That’s probably why they never invited you so I am going to go over their heads. They might have developed the guest list but I am the host, dagnabit.

I know it’s a late invite and the party is well underway, but if you could spare a minute and drop by, I would really appreciate it.

Maybe we could find sometime to talk and you could give me a few pointers. Likely they knocked on your door a time or two as well. I can’t see any record of pity parties that you hosted. So you must have some idea as to how to manage all that.

Hoping to see you … the sooner the better,