Just a brief word for the moment.  I recently have had to migrate a number of my websites from an old classic hosting package with GoDaddy, to a new C-panel package.  To avoid an exorbitant charge for the migration, from GoDaddy, I tried it myself, on sites that were my own.  An early casualty was the site that formerly occupied this bit of cyberspace.  In many ways it was a welcome misfortune.  Some of our disappointments in life show themselves at a later time to have been blessings in disguise.

My previous site tracked my journey out of a system-based, denominationally packaged faith.  It was a long and painful process of nearly ten years.  There are still scars and unlearnings.

But it is a beautiful, new chapter and I am incredibly grateful for the entire experience.

And the journey continues.  At the moment you’ll find this site a very minimal one.  My goal would be to keep it simple and informative.  I would welcome you to check back as the development continues.  If you are interested, please subscribe to the blog.