Just a little something to share that you might find meaningful.

I have begun to "pray by numbers" over the last four years or so. It started with waking in the night. We have a digital clock that projects numbers on the ceiling. For several consecutive nights I was waking to see all these numbers the same. (1:11, 2:22, 3:33 and so on) I had the sense that God was trying to prompt me to pray and I did.

Since then I have extended this practice to daytime hours as well. Whenever I see the numbers all the same, I pray for those immediate, closest-to-the-surface concerns and requests that I have.

I have been amazed to discover just how frequently this takes place. It has become a very meaningful way for me personally to feel that I am engaging God in prayer for others or simply to hear what he has to say to me …

There you have it.