… he descended into hell

Beautiful Saturday morning … the “between” day on Easter weekend.

He is Alive … though in the grave … laying siege to hell itself and Satan is on the defense. His miserable fortress is being shaken and this day is the one that forever haunts him … the day that God descends as Conqueror to his domain.

It is a terrible mistake.

Victory turns to loss.

One checker taken turns for a net loss of two … he has been “played” … outplayed because he pridefully underplayed.

A Pyrrhic Victory … one too costly to gain.

Gaining geography but losing the war …

“Check” becomes “Checkmate” …

The grappler wins from the bottom …

He is never safe … he’ll never be safe … anywhere … anytime.

His pretend kingdom is an illusion and he is a puppet. Where once in heaven he ruled with Christ … now he is a vassal … his will is subject to the true king. Any decree that he makes can be overturned in a nano second.

This truly is hell … more than he ever imagined it would be. No one longs to see his end more than he. Immortality is to painful to endure.

As misery, his only recourse is to create misery.