My Dad used to say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away . . . if you throw it hard enough.”

His aversion to medical professionals wasn’t unique to him . . . just about every man that I know struggles similarly.  And if the struggle to actually go see a doctor isn’t bad enough, then there is the challenge to tell the physician exactly what is wrong.

I have this tendency to minimize things when I am in the doctor’s office.  The problem is that without accurate information, diagnosis and treatment from the best of doctors will be flawed and ineffective.  People get sick . . . (coaching myself for my next appointment) . . . it is normal . . . tell her what you are experiencing.

Fred was my Senior Pastor in Western New York.  He was hard on cars.  I’d get in with him and hear a strange noise.  “What’s that grinding noise Fred?”

“Oh that’s nothing.” he would reply, “I’ll fix it.”

Then he’d reach across the dash and turn up the volume on the radio.

“Do you still hear it?”

“No, I think you’ve taken care of it Fred.”, I’d scream.

My doctor knows me by now.  She is a wonderful, grandmotherly East Indian lady who is concerned about my well being and I can’t hide from her . . . so I drop pretense and just admit that I am not Superman.  Some of her treatment is preventative.  Some is medication to deal with conditions that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Bottom line is that I am better when I see her regularly and follow her direction.

God knows also.  He knows what is wrong, steps that need to be taken to save you heartache later on . . . and He knows it in every area of your life.  There may be some of you today who just don’t see him often because you know as well . . . you know that He has your number and you can’t fool Him.  And deep inside you realize that life under your direction will never be as good as it can be under His.  You may have to swallow some things that you’d rather not swallow but it’s all a part of the treatment.

How long has it been since you’ve been to see the Physician?