The self-made man is inconsequential to God … an insult to His Grace and Mercy.

Worse than that, it is deception for there is no such thing. Rampant, unchecked pride inventories our lives and misappropriates our successes. Ministry or mammon successes are equally repugnant to God.

A man made of self needs to die to a man made of the Spirit. This involves the pain and brokenness of self, not the exaltation of self. Very few desire God enough to continually lay everything on the line.

The more that self achieves, the more risk averse self becomes. Decisions are based on preserving the work of our hands and something is withdrawn from God’s care to our own safe keeping.

This happens to individuals and to churches that rely on the guidance of self-made individuals. A God no longer recklessly trusted in selfless abandon is a God no longer needed and thus He abandons us to our own designs. (Rom. 1)

This is no platitude … in this day, if we are to experience Him fully, we must abandon ourselves fully to Him. – KI