I am the King of Klutz when it comes to being handy. Actually I am more “thumby” than handy. One Christmas my wife wanted to buy me a cordless screwdriver. I told her that none of the screwdrivers that I currently owned had cords and wondered what would make this one special. She just gave me the look.

Then there was the time I laid ceramic tile on our kitchen floor. Impressed? Don’t be! A capable and compassionate friend supervised me. He laid the sub floor, the first tile and then gave me a crash course. I did the grunt work. It was actually enjoyable and rewarding as long as he was in the room watching over me. When I couldn’t see him I panicked. I knew how quickly things could get “off track” . . . I was frightened of myself and had separation anxiety.

I get that as a pastor as well. As long as God is directing, I am confident and at ease. Then I find myself in a place of uncertainty. A hasty scan and I can’t seem to see Him or hear Him. My confidence evaporates.

So what does an unskilled workman do? Nothing . . . until I can find Him again. It’s too easy to get off track. That’s right. The best thing I can do in those times is to wait.

In a time of uncertainty, Moses prayed, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” There are many things in life that make so much sense to us and yet do not represent God’s way or God’s direction. He is the Architect of our lives, of our being. The best that we can be is what He chooses for us and from us. Can you believe enough to trust Him today for the most perplexing issues of life . . . how about for the things that seem so obvious to you . . . both are critical.